About Us

Go-Jets Pte Ltd was formed in 2010 with the objective of using its shareholders' cextensive knowledge and experience in the corporate and private jet sectors of the aviation industry, to develop and expand the then fledging market.

Due to an excellent personal experience with Gulfstream aircraft types for over 20 years, the company sought and was appointed as an Authorised Independent Sales Representative for Gulfstream Aerospace in May 2011.

In addition to the main objective of promoting the sales of new and used Gulfstream aircraft, Go-Jets also provides a complimentary service of assisting new buyers with technical assistance in all pre-operating work such as - inspections, taking delivery, registering, hiring and training of crew, as well as obtaining operating approvals, etc all necessary when a client buys a modern and highly sophisticated jet aircraft. Given the ever increasingly complex


aviation operating environment. This service has quickly proven to be a welcome relief to the busy corporate or business buyer, who can now simply sit back and enjoy the aircraft, and focus on their own area of work or business.

If need be, Go-Jets can assist with, and in some cases directly provide, financing to qualified buyers through its contacts in the financial and banking industry.